Ale Ultra Marte Winter LS Jersey

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The fleece fabric in the Ale Ultra Marte Winter Long Sleeve Jersey is soft, comfortable and by insulating body heat this long sleeve jersey provides amazing comfort during the fall and early winter months. The fleece fabric not only keeps the rider warm, but it circulates air within the jersey so the rider’s sweat evaporates and he doesn’t overheat. Aerodynamics is included in the features offered by the Ultra Marte long sleeve jersey. Elastic quality fabrics are sewn into the front and sleeves providing a smooth surface for airflow. Full frontal zipper lies flat against the skin and is easy to open when cooling air is needed. Three rear pockets and reflective stripes on back wrap up the qualities that make the Ultra Marte the ultimate mid-season long sleeve jersey.

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* Fleece fabric to ensure maximum comfort and thermal insulation
* Full frontal zipper
* 3 rear pockets
* Reflective stripes on the back for visibility
* Recommended temperature changes 50-60 F (10-15 C)