Ale Plus Marte Winter Jacket - Women's

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The Ale Plus Marte Women's Winter Jacket is a wind blocking cycling jacket with a regular fit. The windproof 3 layer fabric ensures the female cyclist rides comfortably in chilly weather. The layer closest to the skin has a mesh that circulates air and keeps the rider dry. The mid layer is a lightweight insulating layer that is breathable. Air flows over the outer layer creating an aerodynamic winter jacket. Sweat evaporation is increased by fleece fabric placed in areas of the body that sweat the most. Ale uses body mapping philosophy in the design of its cycling jackets. Each area of the Plus Marte jacket is designed to fit a woman’s body while in the riding position. The jacket has been designed after studying how each part of the body reacts when efforts begin. More breathable fabrics are placed in areas that overheat. In areas of the body that sweat the most, fabrics with more wicking capacity are placed. Ale designs all its cycling clothing for the amateurs and professionals who race. Years of careful design have resulted in a winter jacket that keeps the female cyclist warm while making sure she doesn’t overheat nor will she be have a jacket that inhibits her ability to move quickly on the bike. Whether it is in and out of the saddle on a road bike or off and on the bike in a cyclo-cross or mountain bike race, the cycling jacket stays close to the skin of the woman cyclist who, as a result, stays comfortable.

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* Windfront 3 layer fabric with membrane to protect the body from the cold
* Fleece fabric with no membrane in the inserts for better transpiration
* High collar, long zipper front with protective flap
* 3 rear pockets
* Reflective stripes in the back for visibility
* Suggested for winter conditions 40-50F (5°- 10°C)