Sidi Techno 3 Soft Instep Closure System

SKU: 1392800
The SIDI Techno 3 Soft Instep Closure System is designed for SIDI shoes that use the Techno 3 Wire buckles which provide the perfect fit for the cycling shoe. The Techno 3 instep closure strap is surrounded by soft and durable rubber that keeps the strap from jabbing into your instep. The closure, along with other SIDI shoe features, distributes pressure evenly and comfortably. When the strap needs replacing, installation of the new strap is simple and it enables the continued use of a pair of SIDI performance cycling shoes. This Techo 3 Closure System is available in black and white.

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* Compatible with Techno 3 buckles only * Choose White or Black * Sold in pairs * Made in Italy