Castelli 10m Lung Warmer

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They used to use newspapers for what the Castelli 10 m Lung Warmer provides for the racer. On the warm-up, descents and very cold days, the 10 m Lung Warmer keeps your lungs and airways warm so you can breathe easier. Totally windproof, the Lung Warmer fits between your base layer and your top so the upper part of your torso is protected from the blistering wind and cold weather. When no longer in need of the protection, grab the neck and slip off the piece. You can toss it to your mechanic in the pit or slip it into your back cycling jacket pockets.
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* Windstopper® 3-layer fabric covers lungs and air passages to help with breathing in cold weather
* Neck is cut high to keep out drafts
* Tear-away Velcro closure makes it easy to take off when the race heats up