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The ASSOS LL.milleTights_s7 are designed to keep you warm on very cold days. The LL.mille_s7 are ASSOS’ everyday cycling tights for winter riding. They are very easy to get into so you can zip out the door to get your workout in before your work day begins. The tights are also designed to keep you warm and dry on very long weekend endurance rides. The Mille series has a more relaxed fit which provides comfort for most body types. Your body stays dry in the inevitable wet winter weather not just from the comfort fit design but also from the new RX Heavy material with WR (Water Resistance) which causes drops of water to roll off. The knees, thighs and hips are more sensitive to cold weather so ASSOS placed double layers in these areas of the body so you have maximum protection without having unnecessary bulk. The perfect fit is enhanced in the rear knee portion that is tapered with multiple panels and made with the RX Light fabric. This construction allows the rider to pedal freely and without any restrictions. The ankle is free of a loop which can irritate the foot but are kept in place instead with the elastic used in S7 shorts. Visibility is increased with large reflectors on ankle. The Mille Insert padding is designed to follow the body in motion. The variable density in the chamois padding provides support in the areas that receive most pressure from the seat and then it gradually thins out to minimize the bulk. The anatomic design promotes circulation while preventing any pinching of the nerves. The waffle texture dissipates heat and maximizes comfort on long rides.

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* ASSOS’ new RX Heavy material in these tights for maximum warmth with WR (Water Resistant) treatment on all the material to shed water and keep you riding longer
* Strategic double layers found on the knee, thigh and hip, we give you maximum protection while riding with minimum bulk
* Mille insert in these tights have kept the construction as simple as possible at the best price
* Anatomically cut to make sure that they fit perfectly
* Rear knee portion of the tight is tapered, with multiple panels and made from our RX Light fabric
* Loop free ankle
* Large reflectors on ankle

* Comfort zone: +8C to -4C