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The ASSOS LL.habuTights_s7 are a new generation of early winter cycling tights that keep you warm but circulate air over your skin so you don’t overheat. The RX Medium fabric with WR (water repellent) treatment is the secret behind why these tights provide protection against cool, wet weather. The front of the knee has a double layer of the RX fabric so more warmth is provided to the knee joints. To further protect the body, the Stratagon windblock fabric is placed between the crotch and abdomen panel of the shorts which increases comfort and decreases the need to take extra pit stops. ASSOS used the AEPD (Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design) to construct tights that fit the rider as he is pedaling his bike. Several factors were taken into consideration while designing these tights. The back of the knee is made with multiple panels and a lighter RX fabric making it more elastic and therefore in constant contact with the skin. This features makes it incredibly comfortable as you pedal your bike on those ultra-distance pre-race training rides. The rear of the leg is anatomically cut so it too follows the body in motion. The bottom of the tights are kept in place with the same elastic used in the waist of the S7 shorts which means the tights are sealed at the bottom without pinching the skin. Visibility is increased with large reflectors on ankles. The Equipe Insert padding is designed for those long-distance rides. The chamois is not stitched into the fabric all the way around. The memory foam inserts are placed in just the right place and its variable density in padding provides support in the highly sensitive areas that receive most pressure from the seat. The padding then gradually thins out so you don’t ride in a bulky chamois pad. After years of research and professional rider input, the right anatomic design in the seat pad promotes circulation while preventing any pinching of the nerves. Heat dissipates with the waffle textured padding making this an ideal pair of tights for the rider who needs to stay dry he fits in those long miles into his training week before the race season begins.

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* RX Medium fabric with WR (water repellent) treatment
* Double layer of RX Medium on the knee for increased insulation
* Anatomically cut rear of leg
* Loop free construction
* Small pocket on the back bib of these tights so you have somewhere to put your essentials
* Integrated Pad Protection (IPP) – Front Pad Protection
* BlasenSchutz (bladder protection) technology--by inserting a panel of ASSOS’ Stratagon windblock fabric between the crotch and abdomen panel of the short, ASSOS has protected this cold-sensitive area from wind chill
* Equipe insert with goldenGate, memory foam that is anatomically cut
* Large reflectors on ankles