ASSOS armWarmer_evo7

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The ASSOS armWarmer_evo7 is designed for the cooler rides when wearing a short-sleeve jersey is just not enough. The warmers do their job of keeping the chill off your arms while still allowing your skin to breathe and stay dry. Great for all day use on spring and fall days or cooler early morning summer or mountain top rides. They can be put on or taken off quickly and are light enough to fit in your jersey pocket when not needed. The RX Light fabric is elastic and breathable. The full circle of elastic at the top end of the warmers keeps them in place and the tapered cut perfects the fit and comfort.

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* For use during those cooler moments when wearing a short sleeve jersey isn’t enough
* Keeps you warm, be breathable and also to fit you well
* A tapered cut, following the anatomy of the arm, gives you maximum comfort and performance
* RX Light in these because it is thermal, elastic and breathable. This means you will be kept warm, with the best fit, but will also allow you to stay cool
* Full circle of elastic on the upper providing stability when you are moving
* Left/Right labeled