ASSOS SS.Skinfoil_spring/fall_evo7

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Wearing a base layer brings advantages and comforts at all levels to the cyclist who trains and races in whatever the weather may bring. A good base layer wicks sweat, circulates fresh air to cool and dry the rider. The base layer also provides a second layer to protect against the outside elements of wind, sun and rain. The Short Sleeve Skinfoil_spring/fall_evo7 is made with ASSOS’ new textured yarn that does not absorb sweat. When you sweat, the short sleeve Skinfoil base layer pulls sweat away from your body and pushes it out into the outer layer where it evaporates into the air. In finding a new material for a base layer, ASSOS found a way make it exceptionally lightweight. While volume has been reduced, the Skinfoil still has all the qualities to provide the touch of insulation needed when morning rides begin with a light chill. Mesh is weaved into the material to increase how quickly the Skinfoil wicks away sweat. The elastic softly compresses the skin so many body types get the close-to-skin feel required by an effective base layer.

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* New textured yarn for spring-fall. Reduced volume with perfect insulating effect. Innovative construction technique: open mesh. The fabric works actively to transfer sweat to outer layers.
* New, improved soft compression pattern design. Campionissimo AEPD the beauty of this tubular seamless construction is its cozy fit, thanks to extreme elasticity, which allows a basic regular fit pattern design that adapts easily to different body types.
* Polypropylene fabric is non-absorbent, wicking and helps to ensure excellent moisture management. As well, it is one of the lightest fibers.