ASSOS LS.Skinfoil_spring/fall_evo7

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Wearing the body-hugging ASSOS Long Sleeve.Skinfoil_spring/fall_Evo 7 as a base layer underneath your cycling jersey provides the insulation needed to beat the discomfort you feel when starting a ride in the slightly chilly weather felt in the fall and spring months. The elastic, seamless fabric is exceptionally soft and close-fitting. The long sleeve base layer is so lightweight that you will barely feel you are wearing an extra layer. The Polypropylene fabric does not absorb moisture. Sweat is pushed out so you stay dry which is another advantage gained with an ASSOS base layer.

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* New textured yarn for spring-fall. Reduced volume with perfect insulating effect. Innovative construction technique: open mesh. The fabric works actively to transfer sweat to outer layers.
* New, improved soft compression pattern design. Campionissimo AEPD the beauty of this tubular seamless construction is its cozy fit, thanks to extreme elasticity, which allows a basic regular fit pattern design that adapts easily to different body types.
* Polypropylene fabric is non-absorbent, wicking and helps to ensure excellent moisture management. As well, it is one of the lightest fibers.