ASSOS LS.SkinFoil_earlyWinter_evo7

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Staying warm is not the only key to being comfortable while riding your bike during the winter months. Staying dry is also essential. When sweat doesn’t evaporate, the moisture accelerates how quickly your body will shut down from cold weather. The ASSOS Long Sleeve SkinFoil_earlyWinter_Evo7 is an early winter and cooler fall base layer that pulls away sweat from your body so you stay dry all the time. The ASSOS base layer has a low volume so it dries faster. It is also made with a fabric that will not absorb your sweat. Instead, the fabric pulls sweat away from your body and evaporates it through the outer layer. The extreme elasticity of the soft base layer makes it ideal for use under a long sleeve jersey or cycling jacket.

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* New composition for early winter, with 97% polypropylene, perfect elasticity and comfort, plus less volume to let body dry faster, protecting against cold and humidity.
* New, improved soft compression pattern design. Campionissimo AEPD the beauty of this tubular seamless construction is its cozy fit, thanks to extreme elasticity, which allows a basic regular fit pattern design that adapts easily to different body types.
* Polypropylene fabric is non-absorbent, wicking and helps to ensure excellent moisture management. As well, it is one of the lightest fibers.