Sidi Ergo 4 Carbon Shoes

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The SIDI Ergo 4 Cycling Road Shoe provides the support and the medium for the most efficient transportation of power from racer’s leg to the pedal. This means that when you are striving to pass another racer over the crest of the climb, all the power you’ve spent months or even years training into your legs goes from your trained legs into accelerating your bike and riding away from the competition. The complex technology has been developed and perfected by a company that has been designing the cycling shoes of top professional racers for over 50 years. SIDI has injected carbon fiber on a matrix of Nylon to create the twelve carbon composite sole. The Nylon doesn’t absorb moisture and doesn’t lose stiffness in wet, humid weather or even as it ages. The end result is an incredibly light, stiff sole. Pressure is distributed evenly through the Soft Instep Closure System, a wide, anatomically curved strap combined with a soft, thermo-formed Eva pad. The Closure System is adjustable from both sides and it is replaceable. The Tecno 3 buckle system uses a monofilament line and a fine-tooth ratchet so the Ergo 4 is easy to adjust and pressure is even further better distributed. As the pressure on your feet changes during a ride, the Techno 3 System can be adjusted on the bike. Fit and easy adjustment has been improved with SIDI’s new wire material. The Caliper Buckle can be micro-adjusted by lifting the central buckle. Open the buckle quickly by lifting both side buckles at the same time. When looking for the perfect fit, you can open the buckles one-by-one by pushing the center button. The Velcro straps that have integrated locking polymer teeth engage each other when the strap is closed are unmoveable. The rider’s heel is secured in at the top of the shoe’s heel that is reinforced with the Adjustable Heel Retention Device. The retention device tightens at the top of the heel cup so the heel doesn’t slide as the rider pulls up on the shoe as he climbs, attacks and sprints. The fit is perfected by adjustments at the sides of the heels. To tighten the heel turn the screws towards the (+) sign and to loosen the heel, turn the screws towards the (–) sign. The device is lightweight, easy to use and replaceable. The shoe’s shape is kept in performance perfection by the reinforced heel. Combined with the replaceable parts, the SIDI Ergo 4 has a long life.The Sidi Ergo 4 Carbon Shoes are now available through Tourcycling.com!

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* Twelve Carbon Composite Sole
* Soft Instep Closure System adjustable from both sides
* Tecno 3 Buckle adjusts the upper of the shoe to a customized fit
* Caliper Buckle- micrometric closure
* High Security Velcro strap
* Adjustable Heel Retention Device closes back of the shoe securely around rider’s heel
* Reinforced Heel avoids the shoe being deformed by extreme performance or prolonged pressure
* Replaceable heel pad