Sidi Dragon 4 MTB Shoe

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The SIDI Dragon 4 Mountain Bike Shoe is a durable, race quality shoe with the Sole Replacement System that allows mountain bikers to replace the most wear-heavy part of the shoe—the sole. The SRS Carbon Composite Sole is a pure carbon insert reaching from heel to toe. The carbon insert and the replaceable Dragon SRS tread are bolted to a narrow, durable nylon frame. The sole is stiff enough for efficient power transfer but flexible enough to allow circulation and comfort in your foot. The Sole has four insert screws that are easily removable and replaceable. Additionally an optional toe guard can be installed using the same screws as for the insert. The cable in the Tecno-3 system provides even distribution of tension across the forefoot and the heel. To close the mechanism, twist and lock. Tecno-3 allows micrometric adjustments by alternately pushing on the buttons. It can easily be adjusted and released from the cable holder and it can be replaced. The High Security Velcro interlocks making the closure secure and the straps unmovable. The Soft Instep Closure System distributes pressure evenly over high or low instep and it’s adjustable from both sides. The adjustable heel retention device closes the back of the shoe securely around the rider’s heel creating more security and ensuring the heel doesn’t slip as the rider accelerates out of the saddle. The device can be adjusted with a screw. To tighten, turn the screw towards the (+) sign and to loosen turn the screw to the (-) sign. The reinforced heel keeps the shoe from deforming after high usage and the upper part of the toe section is made with anti-slip rubber that resists stones and debris from damaging the foot.

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* Soft Instep 3-replaceable

* Tecno-3 Push System-replaceable

* Adjustable heel retention device

* Sidi heel cup-replaceable

* Replaceable heel pad

* SRS Carbon Composite Sole

* Sole Replacement System

* Rubber toe