Sidi Buvel MTB Shoe - Women's

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The Sidi Buvel Mountain Bike Women's Shoe can give you edge in the adventure of an off road trail and protect your feet from the abuse typically encountered by the rough and tumble mountain biker. The outstanding features of the Buvel women’s shoe are the mountain bike specific Competition Sole, the classic ratcheting Caliper Buckle and the reinforced heel cup. The sole is made with nylon which absorbs the shock of the trail while still efficiently providing a smooth surface for leg power to be transferred to the pedal. The forefoot of the sole has just enough flexion to allow the rider to jump off the bike and comfortably run over non-rideable trail. The Competition Sole was made specifically for the turmoil of a bumpy off road trail. The heel cup secures the foot in place and is exceptionally durable so its secure features are are not compromised. SIDI’s Caliper Buckle can be incrementally adjusted to an exact fit while on the bike. Once dialed in, the Dual Velcro® straps stay closed even as you are jumping an obstacle. The stretch resistant uppers add one more feature to ensure you have a mountain bike shoe with an exact fit.

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• A brand new mountain bike shoe in the Sidi lineup. • Features a MTB Competition Sole with two holes for spikes. • Caliper Buckle two-way ratchet for easy on-bike adjustment with incremental tightening and loosening. • Dual Velcro® straps for easy forefoot adjustment. • External, reinforced heel cup for superior fit and power transfer; won’t break down over time. • Great traditional SIDI quality and construction. • Bold new color offering