Sidi T4 Air Carbon Composite Shoe - Men's

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SIDI’s T4 Air Carbon Composite Cycling Shoe is designed specifically to speed up the transition times between legs of a triathlon. The High Security Velcro straps open and close away from the drivetrain which decreases the time it takes to open and close the shoe. When the straps are closed they have integrated locking polymer teeth that engage each other increasing a triathlete’s security as he is time trialing to increase the time between him and the other competitors who are chasing him. Another feature to speed up the transition is the durable pull-tab at the heel which fits the triathlete’s foot into the shoe so he can begin the time trial in his comfortable SIDI shoes. The Twelve Carbon Composite Sole doesn’t absorb water, an advantage when coming off the swim leg. Water also doesn’t cause the sole to lose its rigidity. SIDI has provided stiff soles to top cyclists and triathletes for 50 years. The stiff soles are known to be the ideal medium for leg power to be transferred to the pedal without stressing the foot and ankle area. The Heel Cup is another feature that secures the foot into the ideal position in the T4 cycling shoe. The cup is designed to fit around the anatomy of the heel so it doesn’t slide as you are pedaling your bike. This design increases power transfer efficiency and it protects the back of the foot in case of a crash. The T3 is compatible with three-hole cycling cleats. For easy adjustment, the sole features a molded, 10mm horizontal and vertical cleat alignment scale. This scale also offers the Lock Memory Eyelet. The Heel Pad is replaceable which expands the lifespan of the T4 Air Carbon Composite triathlon shoe.

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* Replaceable Heel Pad

* Heel Cup stabilizes and supports heel

* High Security Velcro designed for faster transition time

* Pull up tab at heel to speed up transition time

* Twelve Carbon Composite Sole is a light, stiff sole that doesn’t absorb water