Sidi T4 Air Carbon Composite Shoe- Women's

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SIDI’s T4 Air Carbon Composite Women's Cycling Shoe is designed specifically for a woman’s foot. The T4 mimics a woman’s more tapered foot shape which is narrower across the ball of the foot with less volume on the instep area and a narrower heel cup. The woman’s specific fit is combined with the Twelve Carbon Composite Sole that is made with nylon and carbon fiber blended together to provide a rigid sole that doesn’t lose its stiffness in hot or humid weather or after heavy usage. While the sole is stiff enough to provide the ideal surface to maximize the transfer of leg power to pedal, it is still flexible enough to preserve the health of the foot which will not cramp up, an essential quality especially before the run leg of a triathlon. The sole is very lightweight, just like the shoe itself which has additional features to ensure the foot stays exactly where it needs to be in the shoe as you are time trialing against the clock. The SIDI Heel Cup is shaped to reduce heel slip and increases power transfer. It also provides additional foot protection in case of a crash. The High Security Velcro straps simplify your transitions by opening and closing away from the drivetrain. When the straps are closed they have integrated locking polymer teeth that engage each other increasing a triathlete’s security as she is time trialing at her fastest. Another feature to speed up the transition is the durable pull-tab at the heel. For walkability, SIDI cycling shoes include a replaceable heel pad. The T4 is compatible with three-hole cycling cleats and for easy adjustment, the sole features a molded, 10mm horizontal and vertical cleat alignment scale. This scale also offers the Lock Memory Eyelet.

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• Replaceable Heel Pad • Heel Cup stabilizes and supports heel • High Security Velcro designed for faster transition time • Pull up tab at heel to speed up transition time • Twelve Carbon Composite Sole is a light, stiff sole that doesn’t absorb water • Woman’s specific