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The LL.pompaDour_s5 Women's Bibtights are long legged bibtights designed to keep a woman’s body warm in cold winter riding conditions. Specificity to the shape of the woman's body is what makes the LL.pompaDour stand out against other women's bibtights. These ASSOS women's bibtights offer the female cyclist a perfect fit and breathable warm fabric that stays close to the woman's body and keeps her warm but doesn't interfere with the pedal stroke. The LL.pompaDour_s5 feature a lightweight airBlock membrane fabric with a four-way stretch and a very warm RXplus fabric. The double-layer construction is the secret behind why these tights insulate body heat while still keeping you from overheating when the effort and heart rate rise. Next to the skin is the ASSOS RXQ Plus fleecy type textile that provides a comfortable, stretchy, insulating layer that keeps body heat in. The RXPlus is a new and warmer upgrade from the former Roubaix fabric. The LL.pompaDour is warmer, more abrasion resistant, but it still provides that legendary ASSOS next-to-skin silky feeling. The membrane is made with the ASSOS Stratagon fabric that is ultralight and breathable, but it still protects you from winter cold weather, wind and light rain. Between the two layers, air circulates to keep a woman from overheating. Another feature of these women’s bibtights is the stretchiness of the fabric which stays close to the body without restricting movement. ASSOS uses its Campionissimo Lady AEPD Racing Fit to design winter bib-tights specifically to fit a woman’s body as she is leaned over the bike. The slight compression not only provides that perfect fit, but it also increases circulation so the woman cyclist recovers on every pedal stroke. The Lady Mono Bibs have one bib strap at the front (Y panel), making it lighter and more comfortable for a woman on the bike. ASSOS uses the durable, lightweight, ultrasonic welding technology in the ABC-M patented bib closure system to increase comfort for the woman who wants the support of a bib system.The final touch of the s5 bib-tights is the chamois. The LL.pompaDour uses ASSOS' legendary custom elastic interface insert and high-density memory foam. This provides padding in the right places and a chamois that fits the female anatomy.

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• Campionissimo Lady AEPD Racing Fit. Clicks onto your body when in the tuck position. 
• Anatomically correct ergonomic fit. 
• Total freedom of movement.
• No excess material, which allows for both effective body temperature control and total comfort.
• Lady_s5 elastic interface insert.
• RXplus: a beefier, stronger version of the legendary Roubaix fabric.
• Lady Mono Bib construction provides a lighter, more comfortable fit for women when on the bike.
• ABC-M patented bib closure mechanism.

• StratagonUltra pattern inserts over thighs and knees to provide ultimate airBlock properties where you need it most.