Sidi Warm Thermolite Socks

The Sidi Warm Thermolite Socks are made of insulating fabrics that aren’t too warm so you will be comfortable on spring and fall days as well as on warmer winter days. On colder winter days, the Sidi Warm Thermolite Socks keep your feet warm when you wear a cover over your cycling shoes. What makes these Sidi socks so suitable for athletes is the amazing ability the socks have of keeping your feet warm while bringing enough air to your feet so they don’t overheat and you stay dry.

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* A pair of Sidi Warm Cycling Socks with Thermolite technology—durable, breathable, fast drying and exceptionally comfortable

* Ideal for spring, autumn and winter rides.

* Made from : 55% Polyester, 37% Polyamide, 8% Elastane