Sidi Short Kompression Socks

The Sidi Short Kompression Socks provide just the right amount of compression to increase circulation so more oxygen gets to your feet and they don’t cramp. The close-fitting, incredibly soft Kompression socks also support your feet inside the stiff cycling shoe. The socks don’t slip or rub against your skin. Made with Meryl Skinlife, the cycling socks fight off bacteria. The socks also wick sweat to keep your feet dry and comfortable. Toe and heel are reinforced increasing the life span of the socks and providing extra protection inside a close-fitting cycling shoe. The Kompression Socks can be worn for any outdoor activity.

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* Made in Italy

* Excellent fit

* 84% Meryl Skinlife, 8% Polimmide, 8% Lycra

* Toning and stimulating massage thanks to different compression bands that reduce feeling of tired and heavy legs

* Reinforced toe and heel area for greater resistance

* Breathability thanks to innovative textile material with antibacterial action