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The Lazer Z1 FAST cycling helmet is safer and more aerodynamic than your standard race helmet. The Z1 Fast has an integrated and non-removable cover that is attached to the EPS liner making a one piece shell that better distributes the impact a rider experiences in that undesirable but nearly unavoidable crash. The shell closes most of the ventilation holes making the Z1 glide through the wind and providing the rider a more aerodynamic cycling helmet. Tests have shown that a cyclist gains between 4 and 10 watts when cycling at 45 kph (27 mph) and a gain of 12 to 30 seconds when riding faster than 40 kph (24 mph). This could be what you need to finish the day standing on the podium. The Z1 Fast Helmet was vent tunnel tested in order to perfect its aerodynamic excellence. Another race feature is the Z1’s light weight that doesn’t compromise the helmet’s safety rating. The ATS® is an upgrade from the classic Turnfit® system. The traditional Turnfit® has been combined with the Rollsys® head basket to create a more comfortable and even more secure retention system. A quick turn of the ATS® dial makes sure the basket grips the back of the head for a snug yet comfortable fit. The ATS® offers an innovative retention system that is easy to secure even as you are riding hard. The Morpho System is a detachable inner liner that perfectly adjusts to the rider’s head. The liner absorbs and evaporates sweat as well as provides that extra layer for cooler weather. On rainy or snowy days, the optional Aeroshell® snaps easily into place and protects the rider’s head from wind and rain and still allows air to circulate under the front of the helmet and out the rear vents. The option to have a Lazer fluo helmet treatment creates a luminescent color that gives high visibility to the rider on low lit and night rides. The color of the straps has been aligned to the helmet color.

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