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The Lazer Wasp Air Cycling Helmer is a shorter version of the Wasp Helmet. The idea behind the Wasp Air is to make a cycling helmet that is shaped around the rider’s position for the most aerodynamic advantage while still allowing the rider to use the helmet in all the cycling disciplines—time trials, road races, track races and criteriums. By reducing the length of the helmet, you reduce the risk of drag when you move your head away from your back. In a straight time trial, you would keep your head in that position so the Wasp with a longer head length would be the best helmet. If you are looking for an aerodynamic helmet for all the disciplines on a bike, then the Wasp Air is the helmet to wear. Another advantage of the Wasp Air helmet is its Turnfit adjustment system which allows you to adapt the fit of the helmet with one twist. The Turnfit is a basket that grips the back of the head for an even, comfortable grip. The basket can also be moved up and down. When Lazer designed the Wasp Air, they broke the tradition of aero helmets maximizing on aerodynamics but not being well ventilated. The Wasp Air keeps the rider well ventilated and allows the rider to control how much ventilation comes into the helmet. The rider can move the visor in the helmet forward or backward which opens or closes two large intake vents at the back of the helmet. Channels have been molded into the EPS so this air can flow over the rider’s head. Lazer used wind tunnel research, an understanding of aerodynamics and mathematical models that compute the shape of the helmet in a virtual environment. The goal was to find a user friendly cycling helmet that maximizes on aerodynamic features. The frontal area of the Wasp Air is kept small while air flows over the drip like shape. The tripwire at the top of the helmet creates micro vortices to trap air over the rear of the helmet. As a result, air flows over air and resistance is minimized. Furthermore, the integrated lens provides a smooth surface to help you glide even more aerodynamically through the wind. The Wasp Air is 13 seconds faster than other well-known competitors and 34 seconds faster than the standard time trial helmet.

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 Compact TT Helmet

Superior aerodynamic performance 
Integrated and adjustable lens 
Short tail 
Fit System: Advanced Turnfit system ATS® 
Construction: in-mold (2 pieces) 
Ventilation: 3 vents 
Weight: 380g (S) 
Certification: CE—CPSC—AS