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The triathlon-specific design of the Lazer Tardiz Time Trial Helmet won the 220 Triathlon Editor’s Choice Award in 2013. The triathlete’s head stays cool thanks to the six vents that channel air over the head. The new Aquavent is a ventilation port on the top surface of the Tardiz triathlon helmet that allows the triathlete the chance to pour water into the helmet and prevent overheating when the body temperature starts to rise seriously high. Special perforated EVA padding and EVS channeling streams water down through the helmet and around the head. The extra air flow and water over the head help to keep the triathlete from overheating on the bike stage which can be long and very hot. Aerodynamics is maximized by the Dual Layer Aerodynamics, a front glossy surface and a back matte dimpled surface. When compared to a standard TT helmet, the Tardiz saves you 28.2 seconds (334.4 Watts) over a 40 km time trial. Besides the aerodynamic design, the Tardiz is made with the Rollsys® Retention System and Magic Magnetic Buckle that makes it easy to put on the Tardiz so transition times are quick and comfortable. Ear pads keep the sunglasses in place. The rear head-basket is adjustable for the perfect fit and reflective straps increase visibility. Aerodynamics is increased when you install the optional Aeroshell. Clear or smoked lenses are additional options.

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Product FeaturesProduct reviews
* Triathlon Helmet
* Transparent lens included 
* Magic buckle
* Sunglass friendly ear pads 
* Aquavent- allows option to pour cooling water into helmet
* Fit System: Rollsys® retention system 
* Construction: in-mold (2 layers) 
* Ventilation: 6 vents+Aquavent 
* Weight: 400g (M) 

* Certification: CE—CPSC—AS