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The Oasiz Mountain Bike Helmet helps you feel at home when riding off road. For all its top-level features and technology, the Oasiz won the 2011 Eurobike Award. The Rollsys® Retention System allows you to control the fit and comfort by an easy turn of the wheel at the top of the helmet. The Adjustable Head Basket allows you to get the height of the helmet to fit your head. These adjustments offer comfort and security—the better a helmet fits, the better protection you have in case of a crash or a run in with an obstacle on the trail. Safety is further enhanced by the Rigidity Brace System, a lightweight inner structure that provides top notch resistance against multiple impact crashes. The interior of the helmet is kept cool by 21 vents and Coolmax padding which absorbs and evaporates sweat. When you want to record your trail adventures with a camera or bring light to a low lit off road ride, the Multimount system allows for the direct installation of a GoPro camera or headlight mounting adapter onto the helmet. Optionally available is an insect net for flying bugs and winter padding for extra insulation on colder winter rides.

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* MTB designed top helmet 
* Rollsys® control the size and the comfort by turning the wheel on the top of the helmet
* Adjustable head basket 
* 21 Vents
* RBS- Rigidity Brace System:  Reinforcements for a superior helmet resistance against multi impacts
* Coolmax Makes moisture disappear, dries quickly and is breathable.
* Multimount Accessory available to easily combine the helmet and GoPro camera
* Fluo Color- High visibility color available for added safety and style.
* Insect Net Vent protection available to keep insects out of helmet interior.

* Multimount compatible