Lazer Ultrax+ Helmets

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The Ultrax Mountain Bike Helmet is an easy-to-adjust and very secure helmet for the mountain bike rider who loves nature’s trails. The Autofit® Retention system provides a quick and constant fit with just a twist. The Adjustable Head Basket allows the rider to adjust the height of the helmet for an even more comfortable fit. On warmer rides, the 23 vents flow air that keeps the rider cool and comfortable. For those who like night riding, the USB Light/Reflector makes the rider more visible at night.

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* Adjustable Autofit®
* USB Light /Reflector is a taillight integrated light for visibility at night
* Adjustable visor
* Adjustable head basket
* Construction : in-mold (1 piece)
* Ventilation : 23 vents 
* Weight : 290 g (M) 

* Certification : CE — CPSC — AS