Lazer P'Nuts MIPS Helmets

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A protective and comfortable helmet is essential for your child’s well-being when he or she decides to take on the challenge and adventure of riding a road or mountain bike. The Lazer P’nut MIPS Baby Helmet has all the qualities to protect your child without hurting their motivation to ride a bike. The Autofit® retention system automatically adjusts to the size of the young rider’s head. The right fit is comfortable and it maximizes the protective qualities of the P’nut helmet. For extra safety, Lazer built in the Multidirectional Impact Protection System (MIPS) which adds a low friction layer between the helmet and the liner of the helmet. In the event of a crash, the mid layer absorbs part of the impact. This feature imitates the brain’s own protective system and increases the protective qualities of the P’nut. Ventilation is ensured with 16 vents and the Crazy Nutshell makes it possible to snap on 8 different covers that will keep your young rider enthused about his helmet.

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* Toddler Helmet  * Optional Crazy Nutshell Shell that fits perfectly over the helmet to quickly change the look of the helmet.  * 360° Reflection Reflective material around the entire helmet for additional safety.  * Fit System: Autofit® retention system   * Construction: in-mold (1 piece)   * Ventilation: 16 vents   * Weight: 270g (unisize)   * Certification: CE—CPSC—AS Sizes:   * Toddler Unisize (46-50 cm)  * Multidirectional Impact Protection System (MIPS) adds additional safety to the helmet