Castelli UPF 50+ Light Leg Skins

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Sun damages the skin and it uncomfortably heats up a cyclist when making hard efforts on the bike. Chilly wind can create the same level of discomfort. Castelli resolved the problem of keeping a cyclist warm without causing him to overheat when they made the Castelli UPF 50+ Light Leg Skins. These leg tights break the flow of chilly wind, while allowing air to circulate so the rider doesn’t overheat. They also block 99.8 % of damaging sun rays. Castelli uses a polyester based fabric that does a better job than nylon of blocking sunrays and wind as well as keeping a rider dry. These features make these Castelli Light Leg Skins good for use in cool and warmer weather. Castelli paid attention to details that make this apparel very comfortable for cyclists. The construction is simple, so as to eliminate seams that rub and chafe your skin. The double-side silicone elastic at top grips without pinching the skin. When you just need to bring along leg tights for descents on a mountain, the Light Leg Skins can be folded up and easily stored in your back jersey pocket and the ankle zips facilitate the ease of slipping on the tights.

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• Solare fabric keeps the chill off without causing overheating • UPF 50+ protection • Polyester based for excellent moisture management • Double-side silicone elastic at top for excellent grip • Ankle zip for easy on/off