Castelli Free Sanremo Short-Sleeve Suit - 2016

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The Castelli Free Sanremo Short-Sleeve Suit’s quick drying and well ventilated fabric has been wind tunnel tested so it provides all the features required by a triathlete who needs to be aerodynamic and comfortable as he tackles the swim, bike and run of a triathlon. The sleeves save 9 watts on the bike at 40 km/h when compared to a sleeveless triathlon suit. Frederik Van Lierde who won the 2013 Ironman World Championship in Castelli Free clothing, states that while wearing short-sleeved race suits during the swim is prohibited, the Castelli Free Sanremo Short-Sleeve can still be used with some easy tips. Unzip the Sanremo Short Sleeve and roll it down to the waist and then fold back the sleeves. Going from the swim to the bike, a triathlete can easily pull up the top and benefit from the aerodynamic advantage for the rest of the race. The design and combination of fabrics have been wind tunnel tested to create a second skin feel. The suit reduces the drag that would slow down a racer looking for every advantage on the course. The Sanremo is a very fast Tri Suit. Velocity mesh placed on the back creates an incredibly smooth surface for airflow that circulates air to keep the triathlete dry and cool. On the front top portion, SpeedFreak ventilated race fabric stays flat against the athlete as he is bent over the handlebars in the time trial position. It also keeps air flowing for rider comfort. On the top, even the FreeAero 2 hydro- and aero-optimized pockets are designed to carry enough food without compromising the smooth surface of the suit. Even the shorts have two small pockets for energizing food. In the shorts, the Instadry Speed fabric supports the muscles but never restricts movement. Absorbing minimal moisture is another tri specific feature that keeps the suit lightweight in the water. Comfort is further enhanced by the GIRO leg gripper that keeps the shorts from riding up on all three legs of a triathlon without pinching the skin. The KISS Tri Seat pad is designed to give adequate protection while leaned over the bike in the TT position without absorbing water in the swim or getting in the way on the run. The padding is what a triathlete needs when taking on three sports in one event. Castelli understands the need for bathroom breaks on long triathlon efforts so they created the Sanremo front construction that is easy to open for a quick break. This feature also allows more ventilation.

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• SpeedFreak ventilated race fabric on front of upper portion • Velocity mesh back gives wind-tunnel-proven speed on the bike • YKK® Camlock zipper • FreeAero 2 hydro- and aero-optimized pockets • Elbow-length sleeves for aerodynamics on bike • Castelli-innovated Sanremo front construction allows easy nature breaks and ventilation in one-piece race suit • Instadry Speed fabric on short is fast in the swim with minimal water absorption • KISS Tri seat pad is comfortable on the bike and virtually disappears on the run • 2 small pockets on hip for nutrition during run • Giro Air leg gripper elastic