Castelli Race Rain Bag

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The Castelli Race Rain Bag is a vital piece in which you can stash all of the clothes and accessories needed to keep you warm and dry just in case the weather turns to the nasty side. The red lining and all the mesh pockets make it easy to store and when in need to find extra food, gloves, rain jacket, bootie and rain cap. Organization is the key when starting a ride or race in unfavorable weather. The Castelli Rain Bag is constructed so it’s easy to quickly find what you need so you can comfortably continue on your epic ride. When traveling to an event, the bag is also a great way to store items such as cycling shoes and riding apparel .While the bag provides plenty of space to store all the essentials for a long ride, it is still small and compact enough to not weigh you down when you carry the Race Rain Bag along on your ride or race. On days when you want to commute on your bike to school or the library, the flip-open top pocket provides all the necessary padding to safely carry your laptop and phone.

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• The pro’s choice for race day essentials • Bottom zipped vented shoe compartment • Shoe compartment can be separated • Internal mesh pockets • Flip open top pockets • Reflective accents • Name panels • SIZE: 30 x 25 x 20cm