Alé PRR Camo Short Sleeve Jersey

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The Alé PRR Camo Short Sleeve lightweight jersey provides the camouflage that allows you to silently attack on the bike and ride away. As you ride away from a chasing field, the Carbon fabric on the side and back panels dissipates body heat and disperses that unwanted warmth so you stay cool. The micro perforated Lycra for the front and shoulders circulates air to keep you cool and dry. The J STABILITY SYSTEM™ is a design Ale came up with after years of studying how a body moves on the bike. Alé used this system in the design of the Camo Short Sleeve Jersey so that it fits perfectly as you are leaned over on the bike. The Camo doesn’t have those unwelcome creases on the jersey which rub against your skin and create extra drag against the wind. This short sleeve jersey fits your body with ease as you pedal with all the effort you can put out to stay away from the peloton in pursuit. Combine the Camo Short Sleeve Jersey with the Camo Bib Short and you will have the perfect combination for a stealthy ride.

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* Short sleeve jersey with ergonomic fitting made of super lightweight fabrics for maximum comfort. * Bottom sleeve and bottom hem shaped for the bike position thanks to the exclusive Alé J STABILITY SYSTEM™ * Micro perforated Lycra for the front and the shoulder * Carbon fabric for the side panels and the back of the jersey * Stand-up collar * Full-length front zip * Triple back pocket with additional zip security pocket