Alé PRR Camo Bib Short

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Five fabrics have been combined to make the Alé PRR Camo Bib Short a cycling bib short for the racer who needs lightweight material that supports his body and keeps him cool and dry. Multi-panels made with compressive fabric provide that perfect fit while the flat seams offer the racer or cyclist who loves to ride long distances a smooth surface that fits just right. In the end, the bib shorts don’t crease and they feel luxuriously comfortable. Besides offering the perfect fit, the compressive fabric helps to stimulate blood flow so your recovery improves. The bib shorts compress without being too tight. The 50 mm wide leg grippers distribute pressure evenly while holding the shorts in place comfortably. In low light, the reflective rear seams provide illumination and they never peel off. Alé’s 4H shammy is made with a central relief channel so the nerves in the most sensitive part of your body don’t get pinched causing you discomfort. The padding is thick enough to protect on long rides, but thin enough to not get in the way of your pedal stroke as you are leaned down into the drops of your handlebars. Combine the Camo Bib Short with the Camo Short Sleeve Jersey and you will have the perfect combination for a sneaky ride where you can attack quietly and cross the line ahead of everyone with pride.

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* Multi panel bib short with an ergonomic racing fit. * High density performance materials for a light muscular compression when riding * LG STABILITY SYSTEM™ leg gripper distribute the pressure on the leg and keep the garment in place during the ride * 4H SHAMMY with a central relief channel to protect nerve endings