Alé Roadster New Strada SS Skinsuit

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When dressing and undressing in the Alé Roadster Skinsuit 2016, it does just what it’s supposed to do—peel on and then peel off just like a second skin. Several features of Roadster make it a very flexible skinsuit for varying body types. The front can be easily opened to let in cool air and the back pockets allow you to carry food. These features allow you to treat the Roadster as a time trial suit or a road race/criterium suit. The Roadster is highly breathable to keep the cyclist cool and dry. The textured Lycra in the sleeves is stretchy so that with every shift you make on the bike, the skinsuit follows your movements for a constant good fit. The collar is low enough so it doesn’t chafe your neck as you are leaned over on the bike, but the full-length zipper allows a complete closure so no air seeps into your aerodynamic position on the time trial bars. The lining is made from a light fleece that is soft against your skin and it insulates in body heat while the breathability of the fabric dissipates sweat and keeps you from overheating when your body temperature rises. Alé’s LG Stability System has 60 mm of elastic that keeps the grippers in place without excessive pressure and discomfort. The stretchy mesh inserts at the back of the grippers offer gripping material for multiple leg widths. The 4H shammy pad has thicker padding in areas that receive the most body weight. The padding then thins down gradually so you stay comfortable without excessive bulk. A central relief channel protects nerve endings so you have full use of your legs even on the longest rides.

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* Textured Lycra in the sleeve * Dye cut “LG stability system” at bottom hem to keep the garment in place thanks to the internal gripper * New frontal total opening system and dye cut hems for the maximum comfort * Wide mesh insert on the back of the legs for adjustable fitting * 4H shammy with a central relief channel to protect nerve endings * The flat seams are comfortable and promote aerodynamics * Back pockets