Alé R-EV1 Master Bib Short

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The shammy in the Alé REV1 Master 2016 Bib Short has an added layer of protection in the front and lateral parts of the groin which have the highest contact with the bike seat. This extra protection means you stay comfortable on those ultra-distance rides. After years of research and trials with professional and amateur racers, Alé found that a high density, 120 KG foam was just the right thickness to protect a racer on a long race without snagging on the seat while the rider is leaned over and deeply pressed into the handlebars. The padding is gradually reduced for minimal padding at the edges. This shammy pad design has been proven to provide maximum protection on long rides without inhibiting a racer’s lean aerodynamic position. The bib short material follows the same concept. Made with multi-paneled Lycra, the bib shorts have enough stretch to adjust to your body type without being too restrictive. The stretch supports the body while providing a very smooth surface for airflow. Alé paid special attention to the design and material used in the bottom leg hem because this is where the surface of the shorts meets the skin. The company’s new Exagon Stability System provides a bottom leg hem with internal gripper so the shorts stay in place without causing an indentation in your skin. The area of contact between shammy pad and shorts is another area Alé spent years researching. When they discovered a new Matrix fabric for the crotch area, they found the material that allows the padding to move with your body so that it doesn’t chafe your skin. The same material has a high resistance to abrasion so it doesn’t wear thin so your bib shorts have a long life. Rear mesh panel in the area of your body that stretches the most adds even more stretch and the extra breathability keeps you from overheating and it keeps you dry. Even the bibs are notable for their design. Minimal coverage and breathable fabric are two of the most essential qualities in these Master bibs that do their job of keeping shorts in place while maximizing comfort.

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* Ergonomic fitting * New double ERGO shammy * The bibs promote high comfort keeping at minimum the covering of the body promoting breathability * NEW MATRIX fabric for the crotch area promotes stability on the saddle and is resistant to abrasion * NEW EXAGON Stability System bottom leg hem with internal gripper, it keeps the bib short in place during the ride with an optimum balance between comfort and adherence * Rear mesh panel