Alé PRR New Bubbles SS Jersey

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The Alé New Bubbles 2016 Jersey is Alé’s most recognized cycling jersey worn by many professionals and amateur racers around the world. Alé found the right combination of fabrics and combined them in just the right cuts to achieve a lightweight race cycling jersey that conforms to the body of a racer as he slips through the wind, staying dry and cool when he starts to heat up at the height of the race. The front of the jersey is made with micro-perforated material whose porous construction circulates air through the jersey and over the cyclist’s skin so he doesn’t overheat and his sweat evaporates. The carbon fiber on the back is Alé’s greatest discovery of a performance material—the ultra-light structure with carbon yarn is quick-drying and provides the best ergonomic fit for the rider as he is leaned over in the bike position. The J-stability System in bottom sleeve and waistline keeps the jersey in place while still allowing complete freedom to move on the bike. In the new Bubbles cycling jersey, the racer will have no restriction of his movement while the jersey supports his body as he is putting out all his effort to do what he needs to do to come out ahead at the finish line. The three rear pockets, with an extra pocket with zipper, completes the features that make this an all-around race jersey.

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* PRR ergonomic fitting * Front made of micro-perforated material for breathability * “J Stability System” shaped for the bike position on the sleeve and bottom hems * Carbon Fiber on the back for fast drying