Alé PRR New Bubbles Bib Short

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The Alé Bubbles 2016 Bib Shorts fit a cyclist who needs cycling apparel to support him in his hard efforts while still allowing freedom to move in and out of the saddle without restrictions. The new Bubbles multi-panel bib shorts have high density materials that slightly compress muscles for a close fit. The compression also increases blood circulation a the cyclist is racing. The close fit provides an aerodynamic surface for airflow and the increase in blood circulation speeds up how fast oxygen reaches muscles so he can keep putting out those hard efforts. PRR Carbon is used in the bib shorts so that the fit is further perfected with an exceptionally lightweight fabric. The right cycling clothing could give you that extra edge needed to win a race. The bibs are made with an elastic band with ultra-compact mesh inserts made with carbon fiber. This construction means that these bibs stay dry and adjust to the position of the rider in the leaned over bike position. The hems on the legs are constructed with Alé’s LG Stability System which has the 50 mm leg gripper that evenly distributes pressure and keeps the shorts in place without pinching the skin. The strong fabric in the crotch area is resistant to abrasion against the bike seat. The embossed surface ensures that the shammy pad moves with your body. The 4H shammy pad was designed for the racer who needs protection without excessive bulk. The elastic micro-fiber against the skin adjusts constantly to the change in position on bike. Air circulates through the fiber so the rider stays dry while riding the bike and having intense pressure on the seat area. The padding itself is designed so its thickest fabrics cover sensitive areas of the body. The 90 km/cm is calibrated and breathable, which means that the padding absorbs shock from the road while staying dry and cool. The Bubble Bib Shorts are designed for the shorter, faster races and rides.

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* 4H Shammy with a central relief channel to protect nerve endings. Designed for enhanced support even on the longest rides. The calibrates density padding is breathable and fast drying providing maximum protection against the stresses of the road * PRR ergonomic fitting * “Free system bib” for the right support without constriction * Embossed fabric in the crotch area for maximum abrasion resistance * “LG Stability System” at bottom hem to keep the bib short in place * Long reflective piping in the back part of the legs for visibility