Alé PRR Arcobaleno Bib Short

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The Alé PRR Arcobaleno Men’s Bib Short supports the cyclist whether he is cruising long distances to build up base miles or pushing his limits to outdo his competition. Alé engineers have found the right combination of fabrics to create a bib short that keeps their perfect fit as a second skin while the rider shifts his position on the bike. The ultra-light fabrics with carbon yarn will stretch and rebound as well as circulate air to keep the rider dry. To top it off, this material is exceptionally lightweight. The bibs have also been designed with an elastic band and carbon fiber inserts so they keep the shorts in place without restricting movement or getting sweaty and wet. To even further perfect the fit, Alé uses its LG Stability System that weaves silicon into a 60 mm elastic leg band to keep the shorts in place by distributing pressure evenly on the leg. This means you won’t get an indent in your leg at the end of your ride. The matrix fabric around the shammy area is resilient so it maintains its shape despite the constant abrasion between leg and seat. The shammy stays against the cyclist’s seat because the fabric allows the shammy to move, while it maintains contact with the skin so the inside of the leg doesn’t get chafed. Alé’s 4H Shammy has high density padding in the areas of the seat that receive the most pressure. The padding then thins down gradually so the rider leans forward with no friction and no heavy padding getting in the way of his pedal stroke. The surface of the padding allows air to circulate so the rider stays dry and cool in a very sensitive part of the body.

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* Multi panel bib short with an ergonomic racing fit * High density performance materials for a light muscular compression when riding * LG STABILITY SYSTEM™ leg gripper distribute the pressure on the leg and keep the garment in place during the ride * 4H SHAMMY with a central relief channel to protect nerve endings * FREE SYSTEM BIB which combines the Alé elastic band with carbon fabric inserts