Alé Formula 1.0 Logo Bib Short

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The purpose of the Alé Formula 1 Logo Men’s Bib Shorts is to provide you with a close fitting pair of bib shorts that takes care of your body when riding at high intensity. These bib shorts are comfortable on long base miles or short afternoon cruises. Beginning with the 4H shammy pad, the microfiber layer closest to the skin is smooth and soft while perforations in the foam add to the breathability. Air flowing through the padding keeps you from feeling clammed in with sweat. The padding is thickest in the areas of the body that receive the most pressure from the seat. The padding then decreases gradually so no extra padding gets in the way as you are leaned forward going for the win. Ergonomic fit is guaranteed for many body types thanks to the fabrics that stretch and rebound as your body is in motion. Breathable fabrics keep you cool and dry as you sweat while riding at your limit. The crotch area is interwoven to guarantee it doesn’t wear down through constant abrasion against the seat. The short’s panels are sewn together with flat 4-needle stitching which does not chafe against your skin, even when on long rides. The elastic mesh bibs stay close to your body as you are leaned over and the small holes make sure the bibs stay dry against your skin. The wide 50 mm leg grippers distribute pressure evenly through thin strands of silicone woven into the grippers. This construction keeps the shorts in place, comfortably.

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* Ergonomic bib short for high comfort that guarantees an adaptable fitting thanks to stretch mesh bibs, the use of technologically advanced and durable fabrics makes this bib short suitable to many body types. * Multi panel construction with “embossed” crotch area * Elastic mesh bibs with small holes * Flat 4 needles stitching * LG Stability System 50 mm in the bottom hem to evenly distribute the pressure on the leg. * 4H shammy is most contoured pad ever with high density padding