Alé PRR New Bubbles Bib Short - Women's

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The Alé PRR New Bubbles Women’s Bib Shorts are a top-end bib shorts used by professional racers but priced at a more affordable price than Alé’s competitors. Alé, an Italian company, brings Italian style to their design process. The shorts are aerodynamic with noticeable colors and Italian flair. The PRR series of clothing has all the features required by a racer who needs protection in a sleek, fast pair of cycling clothing. The fabric is lightweight and porous so air flows through the surface cooling and keeping the female cyclist dry. Stitchless seams bind the multi panels together creating a smooth, soft surface against the skin. On the pedal stroke, the shorts move with the woman’s body so there is no rubbing against the skin nor creasing of material at the folds of skin. The Bubbles Bib Shorts have a completely flat surface for air flow. The fabrics are selected specifically for the anatomy of a woman’s body and provide just the right compression in areas of the body where support for the muscles is needed. This helps to speed up recovery by speeding up blood flow. The wide 60 mm elastic leg gripper with silicone woven into the structure distributes pressure evenly to keep the shorts in place without gripping into skin. The W4H shammy pad is designed to fit the contours of a woman’s seat area when she rides over bumpy roads for long distances. The thickest padding is in the areas of the body that receive the most pressure. The padding then thins down gradually so the woman is able to lean deep into the bars and get no interference from the padding. Breathable and fast drying, the shammy stays dry and keeps air flowing through the seat area.

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