Alé PRR Bermuda Bib Short - Women's

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SKU: L174B
The Alé PRR Bermuda Women’s Bib Shorts are the ideal bib shorts for a woman who likes to ride long distances. The 4WH shammy has padding a little thicker in the seat’s high pressure areas so the shock of the road is absorbed to keep the woman comfortable. The surface of the padding is breathable, smooth and it follows the female anatomy in the seat area so she won’t get chafed. The padding then thins down so the cyclist can ride hard deep in the saddle without having any padding getting in the way of her pedal stroke. The fit has been perfected by placing the right amount of compression in different areas of the shorts so the rider has constant contact with the shorts which will not crease as the woman is leaned forward. The compression helps to stimulate blood flow which increases oxygen helping the woman recover on each pedal stroke. Multi panels have been sewn together with seamless stitching so the surface is smooth and exceptionally soft against the skin. The leg grippers are made with a 60 mm strip of elastic band with silicone woven in. This construction distributes pressure evenly so the gripper feels soft against the skin but still keeps the shorts in place.

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* Multi panel bib short with an ergonomic racing fit * High density performance materials for a light muscular compression when riding * LG STABILITY SYSTEM™ 60mm striped leg gripper distributes the pressure on the leg and keeps the garment in place during the ride * The fitting has been specifically studied to follow the anatomy of a racing women body * 4WH shammy for long rides