Alé Plus Best Short - Women's

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Every feature in the Alé Plus Best Women’s Shorts keeps a woman's frame on the bike comfortable and supported by a pair of aerodynamic shorts. A mild stretchy cottonlike fabric and a soft waistband are used to create a specific design for women who have wider hips and larger thighs than do men. Mesh is woven into the shorts so that air circulates and the female rider stays cool and dry. Bottom of legs is made with a 50 mm elastic band that distributes pressure evenly and comfortably. The W4H shammy padding has also been designed to protect a woman’s anatomy. The right amount of varying thickness padding is placed in the right places so the shock of the road is absorbed so the rider stays comfortable. The shammy is designed to allow air to flow over the surface keeping the woman cool and dry in a very sensitive part of the body.

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* Short in stretch and soft fabric with a modular fitting to use on the bike and for leisure * Specifically engineered for the female body in the bike position * Stretch cotton like fabric * Soft waistband * LG Stability System 50 mm elastic band in the bottom hems for comfort without constriction * W4H shammy anatomically shaped utmost freedom of movement and excellent protection when riding