Alé Excel Veloce SS Jersey

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The Alé Excel Veloce Men’s Short Sleeve Jersey is a cooling jersey made of exceptionally lightweight micro polyester fabric—perfect for summer riding. One strand of micro polyester fabric is thinner than a piece of silk and just as soft. The same fabric circulates air and wicks sweat immediately to keep you cool and dry. Because this amazing fabric has so much elasticity it is used to make many types of sports clothing. The combination of the fabric’s lightweight and wicking features with a touch of elasticity make sport’s clothing that is suitable for many body types. The sleeves are even more elastic so air flows over your shoulders smoothly and you become even more aerodynamic. Fit is further perfected with new light piping in the bottom and arm hems that keep the jersey in place without uncomfortably grabbing at your skin.

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* Regular fit jersey developed for all passionate cyclist. The care and the features of this jersey makes this an optimum blend of comfort, style and performance * Micro polyester super lightweight fabric for fast drying * New light piping with internal gripper in the bottom hem * Stretch micro perforated sleeves for better fitting * 3 rear pockets