Alé Excel Radical Bib Short

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SKU: L154B
If you get on your bike for the sheer joy of riding both short and long distances, the Alé Excel Radical Men’s Bib Shorts will take care of your body to make sure you stay comfortable in your pursuit of finding bliss on the bike. The Radical Bib Shorts are made with multi panels that are stitched together with flat seams so the shorts fit multiple body types and the fabric feels smooth and soft against your skin. The mesh bibs are elastic and very breathable so they will not restrict your movement and they will stay dry even with heavy sweat. The 2H shammy is made of an elastic micro-fiber that is breathable and exceptionally comfortable against your skin. The padding is multi-layered so you have protection against road vibration while still maintaining complete freedom of movement. The wide 50 mm leg band at the base of the shorts evenly distributes pressure to keep the shorts comfortably in place. The Alé Excel Radical Men’s Bib Shorts have all the features needed to keep a rider comfortable on his bike whether he is cruising on a short ride before work or tackling the climbs up mountains on a Saturday morning ride.

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* Fit and comfort for the cyclist who loves to ride his bike * Multi panel construction * Elastic mesh bibs with large holes * “LG Stability System” 50 mm to evenly distribute pressure on the leg. * 2H shammy anatomically shaped for utmost freedom of movement and excellent protection when riding