Lazer Youth Nutz Helmets

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When Lazer created the Youth Helmets of Nutz, they offered the young rider a helmet of which he can quickly change the look and more importantly they also offered his/her parents the knowledge that their kid’s head will be protected with a secure, certified cycling helmet. The helmet features the Autofit® Retention System that adjusts automatically to the young rider’s head making the helmet a quick and easy fit. The Autofit® System connects the rear basket to the front head belt of the retention system which puts a constant and even tension between these two components. The adjustable head basket allows the back part of the system that grips the back of the head to move up and down depending on the rider’s preference. These systems ensure a perfect fit which is not only comfortable, but the even pressure secures the helmet’s capacity to absorb shock in case of a crash. Reflective materials have been added to light up the rider in low lit conditions. The extra ventilation thorough the 16 vents keeps the head cool so the rider doesn’t overheat. Lazer added the Crazy Nutshell technology for the youthful cyclist who can snap on different covers onto the helmet, providing four helmets for the price of one.

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* FIT SYSTEM: Autofit® retention system with adjustable head basket that moves up and down for the perfect fit * CONSTRUCTION: In-Mold * VENTILATION: 16 vents * CERTIFICATION: CE - CPSC - AS * Kids Unisize (50-56 cm)