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The women racers in Team USA will be vying for the Gold medal at the 2016 Olympics in the ASSOS H.LaalalaShorts_S7. Made specifically for the woman’s body, the ASSOS H.LaalalaShorts_S7 provides a female cyclist with a pair of cycling shorts that fits perfectly without restricting movement. The strapless shorts are a preference for many women who feel bib straps restrict their movements and make bathroom breaks way too complicated. Made with ASSOS’ type.439 fabric, the H.LaalalaShorts_S7 cycling shorts have a more compressive race-fit making them ideal for the woman who depends on every aerodynamic advantage on the bike. Furthermore, the compression helps to increase blood flow, speeding up how quickly the much needed oxygen gets sent to working muscles. Aerodynamics and muscle support have been designed into the H.LaalalaShort by using the right fabrics with the right construction. The fabric has an exceedingly more porous construction when compared to the standard fabric used in a pair of woman’s standard cycling shorts. The H.LaalalaShort is not standard; it is a high performance pair of shorts that circulates air over the skin, dries sweat and keeps a female rider comfortable on hot days. The H.LaalalaShort shorts are great for hot summer races which is why the women on TEAM USA chose these shorts to race in at the 2016 Olympics. The Olympics will demand the competitors to push their bodies to the limit and in return they need shorts to support their well-trained bodies in the pursuit of a Gold medal. Other features have been added to ensure comfort and support. The half-grippers on the legs are on the outside which keep the shorts from riding up without pinching the skin. The same concept is included in the waist. As a woman cyclist is leaned over the bike, the shorts stay in place without unwanted pressure on the midsection of the body. ASSOS designed a waist that dips in the front and raises in back providing a pair of shorts that work with a woman’s body so she gets covered without unwanted pressure on the waist. Adding to the perfection, ASSOS placed a double-over and sculpted spandex panel starting on the right side. The spandex dips at the naval and then rises on the left side. On the back, a heavier spandex is risen up so the rear is covered while the rider is in the leaned over bike position. The award winning Lady Insert has a stretchy women’s-specific shape that features an outer cover with waffled padding underneath. The outside cover is soft and breathable. The waffled padding has varied thickness depending on how much pressure is placed on the rider’s seat. The front and the back of the pad are secured to the shorts while the sides are not. This construction eliminates the irritation seams against the inner side of the legs. This also allows the padding to move with a woman’s body as she shifts her position on the bike. Reflective tape has been sewn into the backs of the legs to increase visibility of the cyclist on low lit days.
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