ASSOS SS.jersey USA Cycling - unisex

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The ASSOS SS.Jersey has been inspired by the USA Cycling Federation’s original clothing. The design of red and white stripes over a dark blue jersey is a celebration of the past while still looking forward to the promise of a future. The ASSOS SS.Jersey will be worn by USA Team Cycling. The SS. Jersey was made for temperatures exceeding 73 F (23 C); a warm weather cycling jersey for the racer. The highly breathable fabric circulates air cooling down a rising body temperature. The fabric used to construct the SS.Jersey dries quickly, another feature to ensure the rider stays comfortable in hot weather. The goal of combining these breathable, quick drying fabrics was to keep a cyclist’s body temperature in an ideal performance range— keeping body temperature at a healthy range is required to continue the constant high intensity pedal strokes required in a competitive ride or race. The other feature making this jersey race ready is the close to body construction. As the rider is leaned over, the jersey is designed to constantly adjust to shifting body positions. The fabric on the shoulders and back are more elastic creating a smooth surface for air flow at the part of the body that receives the most wind resistance. When a rider gets out of the saddle or down in the drops, the cycling jersey never creases while allowing complete freedom to move.

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