Forcefield Body Armor Pro Shirt X-V

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SKU: FF-3016
The obstacles and unpredictable paths on mountain biking trails provide a mountain biker with thrills and with some potential crashes. The Forcefield Pro-Shirt Armor with XV, a long-sleeved top that protects from impacts on the trails. The Pro-Shirt has fully removable CE approved armor located at the elbows, shoulders, back and chest. The armor is housed in BECool, a highly breathable technical base layer shell that turns the armor shirt into an athletic piece to protect and keep a rider cool and dry. The large one-piece chest protector provides the highly sensitive rib and sternum with extra protection. The Nitex Evo® armor for elbows and shoulder and the NEVO 7010® armor for the back and chest are designed to work with the body in motion. The top moves with you as you twist your body and jump off and back on the bike. The armor is also designed to protect your body even after multiple impacts. The EVO Vent Zones allow air to flow throughout the top. The top’s ergonomic design fits the mountain biker perfectly as he constantly shifts his position on the bike. By using the anti-bacterial BeCool fabric with Evo Vent Zones and removable armor, the Forcefield Pro-Shirt Armor protects the mountain biker who is committed to challenging trails in the hottest and most humid conditions.

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* CE LEVEL 2  (Back & chest) * Evo Vent Zones * Heat activated body molding * BeCool™ Technical base layer fabric shell * Side entry zip - Increased chest protection * Ergonomic design * Airflow control and humidity discharge * Modular removable elbow, shoulder  back and chest armor * Anti-bacterial * RPT (Repeat Performance Technology) * Machine washable (with the armor removed) * Fast drying