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The ASSOS T.FF_1Shorts_s7 are the ideal bib shorts for hard riding in hot weather. As all ASSOS shorts have proved to the racer, the T.FF_1Shorts are resilient enough to be worn with ASSOS leg and arm warmers for coverage during cool fall and spring training rides and races. A combination of ASSOS’ high tech fibers creates a pair of shorts that is laudably reliable as the ultimate race shorts in hot weather. ASSOS’ TypeA.444 ergoKompressor fabric has proven its value as a compressive, performance enhancing fabric in ASSOS’ T.campionissimo_s7. For this reason, ASSOS used the TypeA.444 in their T.FF_1Shorts_s7. In the front panels, Type.490 fabric is exceptionally elastic, quick drying and low-weight. These qualities make the T.FF_1Short_s7 very comfortable for the racer who requires shorts to support muscles and stay dry. Additionally, the front panel has a raw cut with an external tape creating a smooth compressive fabric that doesn’t cause friction against skin. The rear has mesh designed into the fabric enhancing the breathability of the shorts. The s_7 series of shorts has been made more compressive, more elastic, more breathable and more resistant to abrasion than those in the S5 line. These shorts are the ultimate race shorts that have a long life regardless of the intensity of your rides and races. The ASSOS’ top-of-the-line seat pad doesn’t have stitches all around the padding. The stitches at the side have been removed making it more conforming to the constant change of your seat as you move around. This design steps up comfort level exponentially. No seams means no chafing. The chamois pad is lightweight, thin, breathable and waffled. Made with two memory foam inserts attached underneath to support the sit bones, there is enough flexibility to allow blood to flow freely. At the request of ASSOS’ test team riders, the legs of the T.FF_1 shorts were cut 1 cm longer than those in the S7 generation.

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* ASSOS’ new Type.490 fabric in the front panel; highly elastic, low volume and quick drying to maximize riding comfort. * Front panel has a raw cut that has been refined with an external silicon tape, eliminating any possible friction against the edge of this panel. * For increased comfort ASSOS used the insert from their T.equipe_S7 short, a favorite among the riders on ASSOS’ Equipe Exploit racing team. It gives you S7 generation Royal Comfort to allow you to suffer in comfort. * At the rear of the insert, the rear terminal technology makes the construction even more robust, while increasing comfort by protecting the shorts from possible abrasion against the seams. * Legs of the shorts cut 1 cm longer than the other ones in the S7 generation. * Building on ASSOS’ collaboration with MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS, the engineers created a special design for the mesh rear of these shorts making them more breathable and comfortable.