ASSOS H.rallycargoShorts_s7 - MTB

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The ASSOS H.rallycargoShorts_s7 are baggy, loose comfortable off road shorts made with fabrics that keep you cool and dry as your body heats up on the trail. The breathable Type 265 mesh is used in the front and the rear so air flows over a mountain biker to keep him dry and cool. The rest of the short is made with type 498 fabric, a water repelling fabric that shields you from raindrops. This fabric is also highly resistant to wear so the constant brushes with vegetation on off-road trails doesn’t take its toll. These are rugged, comfortable off-road shorts. Cut for a regular fit, zips have been added in the waist and legs of the shorts to allow you to find that perfect fit. Pockets in the front right of the shorts provide plenty of room for all you need to keep you going on your off-roading adventures. Wear these along with the rallyboxer shorts and comfort and protection are brought to the next level.. ride on!

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* ASSOS designed front panel, incorporating the fit of the S7 generation of shorts * Type 265 mesh used in the front and rear of the short to allow optimal breathability * Hardwearing, water repellent and fast drying type 498 fabric used in the rest of these shorts to make sure that they are both fast and tough. * Zips in the waist and legs of the shorts to allow you to fine-tune their fit. * Cut in our regular fit. * Featuring a pocket in the front right of the shorts for your essentials. * New ground for ASSOS