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The ASSOS T.rallyShorts_s7 Lady is a woman specific high performance pair of mountain bike shorts for the female who requires a pair of bib shorts to support her body and keep her comfortable as she takes on the technical demanding obstacles of off-road races. ASSOS applied many of the design philosophies that they’ve used in their race ready road shorts and used them for the T.rallyShorts_s7 for ladies. The KompressorFabric provides that close fit and the porous fabric dries quickly and it keeps her from overheating. The tougher type.499 fabric is more mountain bike specific. Used in areas that receive the most wear, the bib shorts last through the rough terrain that challenges a female mountain biker each time she hops onto her mountain bike for another adventure. Spandex creates that elasticity needed to ensure the shorts stay in place and support muscles to bunny hop over logs. The mesh free back adds extra breathability so the rider stays dry and the circulating air helps to cool a working body. The lady insert has the padding placed to protect a woman’s anatomy as she is on the mountain bike. The padding is breathable so the woman stays dry in the seat area. The bibs have ASSOS’ all-new for magnetic closers that keep the bibs comfortably in place without restricting breathability. Finally, when you take an involuntary dismount you have the added protection of impactPads made of 8 mm polyurethane foam that help to absorb impact.

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* S7 platform insert * Type.499 fabric for extra durability * 51% spandex to provide unparalleled power-control compression * ImpactPads made from 8 mm polyurethane foam * MTB-specific lady insert * KompressorFabric * New magnetic clasp * Mesh-free back to give you more comfort