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ASSOS used all their road-racing cycling clothing knowledge to create the ASSOS SS.capeepicXCJersey_evo7, a jersey best used for the cross-country type of MTB riding. Cross country courses require a mountain biker to ride fast over the smooth part of the course as well as dismount the mountain bike and run over obstacles. To accomplish this range of challenges, ASSOS created the SS.capeepicXCJersey_evo7 that takes care of the rider and brings upper body comfort onto the course. ASSOS recommends wearing the SS.capeepicXCJersey with the Skinfoil base layer. The jersey wicks moisture while the base layer uses this moisture to keep you cool in the summer. In cool weather, the two-in-one jersey maintains body warmth. ASSOS’ use of a smooth polyester fabric speeds up moisture transfer when body is hot. When body temperature drops, the evaporation process slows down so body moisture keeps you warm. The jersey is made with enough elasticity so that it conforms to the constantly changing position of your body on a mountain bike, but it has enough of a controlled stretch so the three rear pockets stay in place when loaded with trail riding food. The zippered pocket has been added so you have a secure place to store keys and money. Rear reflective visibility stripes light you up on low lit rides and an elastic/silicone hem at rear keeps the jersey from riding up.
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* Ideal for cross-country MTB riding * Fabric that wicks moisture when body temperature is hot * Same fabric slows down evaporation so your body heat remains in cold weather * Ideally used with the ASSOS Skinfoil base layer * Three rear pockets * Zippered pocket * Rear reflective visibility stripes * Elastic/silicone hem at rear