ASSOS SS.rallytrekkingJersey_evo7 & NS.skinFoil_summer

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The ASSOS SS.rallytrekkingJersey_evo7 is combined with the NS.skinFoil_summer to offer the ideal jersey for a mountain biker who commits to long days on the trail. Six fabrics are sewn together into 25 panels to create a close-fitting jersey that keeps the rider cool and dry in the summer. Thanks to ASSOS’ mastery at creating high tech fabrics, the same fabric keeps the rider warm and dry in cool weather. ASSOS’ deep knowledge of technology becomes apparent when you stay comfortable in the SS.rallytrekkingJersey on muddy, wet trails during various seasons. Another feature that makes you feel you are in a top-quality top is that it stays in place and moves with your body as you are in position. The jersey keeps you ready to flow with the ups and downs of a technical trail. The main fabric is ASSOS’ new Type188 made of 84% polyamide, 12% elastane, 4% polyester. Polymide is a durable, strong fiber that supports the muscles and wicks sweat and water. At the back and shoulders, a deep 3D mesh has amazing breathability and a carefully controlled stretch. The 3D mesh fabric circulates air to keep you cool and dry. The controlled stretch creates a jersey that fits your body but still keeps your three back pockets in place when loaded with riding food. A small piece of non-stretch finishing at the neckline adds more pocket load management. Sewn into the 3D fabric with a controlled stretch, the pockets stay in place. The jersey features reflective accents for increased visibility and a zippered security pocket for safe storage of car keys. The NS.skinFoil_summer base layer is included with the RallyTrekking jersey to add extra protection against the sun and help to increase moisture evaporation.

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* 3D Mesh has amazing breathability and controlled stretch * 3 rear pockets and a zippered pocket * Use in combination with an ASSOS baselayer. Note that the back panel is an innovative 3-D mesh construction that has many advantages, as well as one concern: reduced UV protection. Wearing an ASSOS baselayer resolves this potential problem. If the rider prefers to not wear the baselayer, we recommend sunscreen be applied to the rider's back. * NS.skinFoil_summer acts as a sunblock and speeds up sweat evaporation * ALS Tips: On long rides at high altitudes, bring along a second baselayer * Composition 84% polyamide, 12% elastane, 4% polyester * Polymide is a durable fabric that supports muscles and wicks sweat * Six fabrics, 25 panels * 3 rear pockets and zippered pocket