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A cross-country mountain bike course mixes many types of riding conditions on one course. The ASSOS SS.capeepicXCJersey_evo7 Lady is the ideal jersey for a woman racer to turn pedals fast over the open sections and to also twist her body and bike over the technical obstacles. When the body is hot, the lady jersey’s porous fabric circulates air to keep the rider cool and dry. On cool days, the same fabric adjusts to body heat and helps maintain body warmth. The three-rear pockets and zippered pocket are held in place by the fabric that is elastic enough to fit the body in riding position, but controlled enough to ensure the full rear pockets don’t sag. Elastic/silicone hem at rear keeps the jersey in place without pinching skin. Rear reflective stripes increase visibility when the sun is low or the clouds are hovering.
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* Fabric that wicks moisture when body temperature is hot * Same fabric slows down evaporation so your body heat remains in cold weather * Ideally used with the ASSOS Skinfoil base layer * Three rear pockets * Zippered pocket * Rear reflective visibility stripes * Elastic/silicone hem at rear